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Type of curl

Is this curl fixed?
It is human hair, so you can style out the curl to some extent, or reactivate it with water or a styling product. Once again, it's human hair so it behaves like the hair that grows, or used to grow, from your head. Like any perm, it may relax over time if brushed too much or blow dried

What does the cm number mean Well, if the curl is, for example 1.0cm then it means that if the hair is long enough to form a circle, the circle will have a 1cm diameter. You can see this effect in the photograph of the curl samples below.

Tightest Curl 0.8cm
Tight Curl 1.0cm
Very Curly 1.2cm
Curly 1.5cm
Loose Curl 1.8cm
Loose Curl 2.0cm
Light Curl 2.2cm
Very Wavy 2.5cm
Wavy 3.0cm
Light Wave 3.5cm
Body Wave 3.8cm
Straight 4.0cm




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